Gallery: Wennie

Name: Wennie
Location: Southern PA

Wennie thinks she's not a meankitty
Oh, that's not healthy for you, slave...better let me take care of that for you. Nice of me!

What makes Wennie so mean?

I cry foul! My conniving, disloyal typing slave (I mean, my poor, misguided mistress) has expressed her intention of entering me for the Meankitty Gallery! I’m not a Meankitty! I am a very Nice kitty!

I come when I’m called (sometimes). I let myself be picked up any which way. I help keep my mistress warm at night and I wake her up in the morning by knocking everything off the nightstand or emptying out her jewelry chest. Saves the trouble of having an alarm clock. I have even refrained from tearing the nostrils out of that stupid, interloping dog my typing slave insisted on bringing into the house last spring–I mean, I play ever so nicely with my canine brother!

Wennie is a meankitty
This is my Nicekitty expression. I'm not at ALL thinking about chewing off the canine's ear.

So how could I be a Meankitty? That time I bit that lady from my mistress’s new job who came to the house with a check, I was just letting her know the check had better not bounce! And the time I scratched my mistress under the eye and turned it all black and blue? It was for her own good. She wouldn’t put me down so I could defend her against the evil kitties across the street! And the time I grabbed the pet sitter’s hand in my claws and bit her so hard she had to go to the emergency room? I was just putting her on notice that she’d better leave my mistress’s things alone while she was gone!

I do so much for that stupid, ungrateful typing slave– I mean, my beloved mistress! How could she say I’m a Meankitty? I’m a Nicekitty, do you hear, a Nicekitty!!

Wennie in a tree
Prithee hearken! Do I spy a stray! Let me just climb this tree and jump out onto your head and chase that nasty flea-bitten thing off our property, wot wot?

And I’ll scratch the eyes out of anyone who says otherwise!!!

Submitted by: Kathy (Wennie herself never submits)