Gallery: Fluff

Name: Fluff
Location: London, UK

Fluff is a meankitty.
When I squint, you almost look like a cat!

What makes Fluff so mean?

This is my mean kitty Fluffy. She is so cute but don’t let her gorgeous looks fool you! We rescued her from the Cat Protection people. No wonder her helper was so relieved when we decided to take her away. I wondered why her hands were bandaged and she was shaking constantly. We have had the fluff ball for 2 years now and we no longer have furniture in our house as they are/were her scratching posts.

Fluff likes her payback.
Speaking of payback... Well, I'll let you figure it out once you unpack your suitcase.

If food has been in her bowl for more than 10 minutes, then she refuses to eat it and my mum feeds her fresh raw chicken every other day. (The cat gets fed better than me!) My hand is scarred with claw marks. Its a sign of love, right? Also, she is so lazy. She sleeps constantly so no wonder she is always cranky when I pull her tail and wake her up. (She wakes me up at 5 am, so it’s my payback.)

Submitted by: Pina


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