Gallery: Fleur

Name: Fleur
Location: Missouri

Fleur is a meankitty
I’m going to run around and around the stupid human’s legs with lightning speed until I trip him, just like on tv. Get the video camera!

What makes Fleur so mean?

Fleur is an Angora, apparently. She was found in a post-office parking lot, propositioning everyone in sight. When my wife brought her home, Fleur had a white stripe from the nape of the neck to the base of the tail; hence the name. Even though she’s the youngest of our pride, she has more cattitude than the total of the rest and has our Keeshond totally cowed.

She’s totally sweet to 2-leggers, Hell-on-4-paws to the rest. Feels that she should be a “one & only”. The bell showing in the picture of her is on a Harley-Davidson collar, and there is a yellow chain is attached to her harness. For outside use only, not pegged down to anything; just an extra 13′ so I can reel her in off the neighbors’ roof, or out of a tree.

Submitted by: Kenneth