Gallery: Tango

Name: Tango
Location: England

Tango is awesome
Go Tango! Go Tango! Beat the dog up! Go Tango!

What makes Tango so mean?

I am sending this e-mail to see if you will put my evil cat Tango on your website. I’m sure you agree for the picture he is a very mean kitty. Tango is 5 years old and has done many evil deeds. Once he ripped off the skin off one of my toes, he has killed thousands of moles, chipmunks, birds, and so on. As you can see in the picture he is attacking my dog Bruno. Bruno is the most docile dog you will meet, and then Tango will attack him anyway. Tango has ripped Bruno’s ear off and bit the end of his tail off. Sometimes I feel this cat doesn’t come from this planet.

Photo submitted by: Matthew