Gallery: Bellatrix

Name: Bellatrix
Location: Florida

Bellatrix is a meankitty
No, no, no, that sammitch is MINE, I tell you! MINE!

What makes Bellatrix so mean?

I’d like to introduce you to my new Persian kitten, Bellatrix. We call her Bella for short.

Bella’s life consists of bossing my older cat, Nigel, around. From the first day we got her, Bella realized that Nigel’s already skittish nature would allow her to dominate the house. Every time Nigel settles into one of his regular perches, Bella pounces on him and chases him out of his spot. And she doesn’t take the perch for herself–she just doesn’t want him there. She also rushes at Nigel like a lineman for no apparent reason; when he gets upset, she goes and rubs against him to make nice.

Bella takes liberties on anybody and everybody’s food. If someone’s eating a sandwich and puts it on the coffee table, Bella attempts to take the whole sandwich in her mouth and drag it to the couch. This has happened multiple times. She does this with any type of food in her reach, whether you’re sitting right in front of it or not.

Bellatrix's other mean picture

I can say one good thing for Bella–she doesn’t scratch the furniture (often). However, she likes using people’s arms, especially if they’re hairy, as her personal scratching post. She squeezes herself under the coffee table when she doesn’t want to be caught and scratches your hand if you place it under there.

Submitted by: GSW