Bella, or Bad Bells

Name: Bella, Bad Bells, Bella the Bully
Location: Manitoba

What makes Bella so mean?

Bars can’t stop me. I am a supreme athlete and I can go over them!

This is my mean kitty, Bella. When she’s not keeping everyone awake at night by pawing at our faces while we’re sleeping, and tearing through the house at warp speed, somehow sounding like a racehorse, she’s bullying her sister.

Bella is so naughty towards her sister that sometimes I think she should be behind bars!

Felicia will be nestled in her cat bed, fast asleep and bathing in the sunlight, shining in through the patio doors, when Bella will saunter over and pounce on her, chasing her away. Then Bella will continue walking along as though nothing happened. However, sometimes Bella the bully will steal her spot and lie there for all of five seconds, then get up and continue on with her day.

Sometimes, when Felicia’s eating, Bella will swat at her and push her head into the food dish. Bella will either walk away, satisfied with herself, or lick a kibble and then leave. She wasn’t really hungry, anyway.

If there’s food on the counter, Bella will jump up and bat it off to her waiting sister… until Bella jumps down, of course. Then she swats her away. Her generosity only extends so far.

Sometimes Felicia wants a drink of water, but she has to pass by Bella, who sits stiller than a statue, with her tail twitching… waiting for her… daring her to come take a drink. I’m sure you can guess by now what happens when Felicia tries to walk past Bella in this scenario.

It’s okay, Shiloh, we can be scared of Bella together…

Felicia has a bodyguard in the house, our dog Shiloh. If Shiloh catches Bella bullying Felicia, she will intervene. Bella tries to steer clear of Shiloh, which is why Felicia can often be found cuddling up to Shiloh in the dog bed.

Submitted by: Nicholas & mommy