Poopoo Kitty


Old gray cat sleeping on a ratty pillow.
I am the Queen and you suck.

what makes poopoo kitty so mean?

The Queen, Poo Poo Kitty, absolutely hates everyone but me. She has been banned from 2 vets for being nasty.  While no one would actually admit what she did while I wasn’t there, one brought her out at arm’s length in workman’s gloves and the other wouldn’t bring her out at all — I had to go retrieve her myself. She is de-clawed, so other then her being deaf in her old age and yowling loud enough for the neighbors to hear, I can’t imagine what she could have done.  

She is very particular about the litter boxes. They must be cleaned each and every time they are used or else she will let you know by using other areas of the house. My husband likes to call her Sh*tty Kitty.  

Submitted by Poopoo Kitty’s Anonymous Human

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