Name: Linha
Location: A Deluxe Apartment in the Sky

Black cat on coffee table next to a glass of water
Do you actually think this glass of water is going to stay on this table? Idiot.

What makes linha so mean?

Meet my friend Linha, a 10 year old shorthair indoor cat. We adopted her from a family in the city.

She is aptly named the “queen” around here because she is always cleaning herself and stately walking. Her meanness doesn’t come out until her requisite 8am playtime involving the catnip-laced mouse dangling from a four foot bamboo pole. Not only does this entertain her, but it prevents me from taking any fire from those big paws of hers.

When Linha first came to this house, she was not too thrilled with my existence.Those first five years were a fight for dominance in the living room. Of course, some battles still occur, when the mood strikes her…and me…

In the last 3 to 4 years she has grown accustomed to me and I have of her, and life around the house has definitely quieted down. But the odd battle erupts now and then with our neighbour downstairs…the OTHER cat…those two can’t seem to get along.

Linha will be eleven this year.

Submitted by Adrian