name: snowy
location: Olathe, Kansas

Fluffy white cat sitting on an outdoor fence
That other cat should pay me for my services. I hear weight loss gurus make the big bucks.

what makes snowy so mean?

Snowy should be known as Satan’s Spawn. He takes great pains to make sure that nobody EVER sleeps past 6 am. God help you if his food dish is ever low on food – not empty – just low. Visible bottom of the bowl = visible scratch on your face. Our other cat must constantly run to keep from Snowy’s vicious clutches. She has lost 4 pounds in the last year alone from all the exercise! As you can see, he also enjoys his outdoor time. He hides from anyone who comes over so nobody ever believes such a beautiful cat could be so mean. That just shows how spiteful he really is. He makes us look like dirty liars.

Submitted by Chelsea and Scott