name: Skworl
location: sunny LA all the way, baby

Mean gray cat attacking a human hand
I’m mean and I know it.

what makes skworl so mean?

Skworl is hands down the meanest kitty alive. When she was a just a tiny kitten, on her first night at my house, she jumped out of her box and double-punched me in the face while I was sleeping. She’s been sneaking up and attacking me ever since.

One time, she bit down my big toe when I was sleeping. I woke up with her on top of my leg and her teeth in my toe. I began to kick. She held on to my toe with her claws and teeth while I kicked and screamed. It was like some kind of vicious kitty rodeo. Then she abruptly jumped off and ran away, leaving me bleeding and in pain.

Another time, I went on vacation and left her off with her mother cat and kitty siblings. She beat them all up, terrorized them, and then ran away for two days. When she showed back up, she pretended like nothing had happened.

Skworl knocks over lamps, throws my shoes against the wall, and climbs on the refrigerator to knock off the magnets. When her eyes get big and wide, I know I am in for a beating.

Submitted by Big Toe Joe