name: kriquette
Location: Sarasota, FL

Blurry photo of long-haired black cat looking mean
They all deserved what they got.

what makes kriquette so mean?

Kriquette is a a lovely silky Turkish Angora mix. Her fur might be the only lovely part of her entire being. She is rather…um…rambunctious. No lie, she was ALMOST named Piranha due to the fact that she gnawed on any ankles and feet around her from the time she was six weeks old. Kriquette always breaks skin. My friends avoid her as much as possible. One out-of-town friend went home after visiting one day because of her. He had really smelly feet, so I was ok with it, but still.

When she was about 5 months old, she developed a large, painful abscess on her back so we had to take her to the vet. I think it may have just been an extrusion of her meanness making itself know. They were going to put her out, lance and drain it, she’d be groggy all night, I was to pick her up in morning, and they had ME place her in the little tank that gassed her.

Less than hour later, I get a call from the vet’s office; it was a very emotional voice telling me to “Come pick up your cat!” I thought she’d failed to survive the anesthesia, so I bawled all the way there and barely noticed all the ruckus going on in waiting area. But I did register that a tech was putting bandages on someone’s arm and the animals seemed more agitated than usual. I managed to catch someone, tell them who I was, and I got a nasty look and they snapped “Come on! We’ve got her in a room.”

Well! Very bad bedside manners for a grieving owner, I thought, but the place was really busy. They lead me to the door of exam room, crack it open and peek through, then gesture for me to enter. There’s my baby! Alive!!

Alive and…wild! On top of wall cabinets, pacing, snarling, peeing on everything. I shoved against the worker to get the door open, go in, and she leaps into my arms meowing piteously, all cuddles and buries her face against me. The abcess was open and messy but already looked better.

On the way out, I notice that everyone is either bandaged, being bandaged, or still bleeding from scratches on arms, faces, necks, and legs. Humans and animals both. A big, mean-looking Rottweiler had some bright-red scratches across his snout. He saw her in my arms and cowered behind his owner’s legs and whimpered!!

EVERYONE glared at me. The vet tossed some ointment at me and said to put it on a few times a day and to get out, no charge, but never bring Kriquette back to their office again.

I was SOOOOOOO embarrassed!!!

Proud and impressed, of course, at the magnitude of damage, but still embarrassed. I never found out exactly what happened, but when I am bored at work, I like to imagine the chaos of a free-ranging feline menace tearing all around the place, yowling like bloody murder. Our new vet gave us some pills to give her the morning of any appointments, so nothing like that has ever happened again. But she is still the meanest kitty!

Submitted by Mokie Bell


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  1. WOW! This is one of the best Mean Kitty stories i have read in years….(since my also-banned-from-more-than-one-vet-office Magick passed in 2016 😦 )


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