The Dude

name: The dude
location: santa barbara, ca

Close up of a black cat's face with mouth open and fangs exposed
Cats rule, dogs drool.

what makes the dude so mean?

Meet The Dude. He is slightly more than one year old and an indoor only cat, though he likes to look out the windows and yell/chirp at the birds. The Dude lives with two Golden Retrievers and he always cries when they go out on a walk. Not just for a minute; he cries until they come back. Poor Dude.

The Dude is a living, breathing alarm clock. When the sun rises (sometimes earlier), he wakes his people by aggressively snuggling their faces with his entire body. He also blows his awful cat butt breath directly into their noses. When no one is paying attention to him, The Dude entertains himself by chasing the dogs or running as fast as he can from the bedroom to the living room and back to the bedroom. He gets amazing traction from the carpeting. Bonus points for antagonizing one of the dogs along the way. Everyone in our home is covered in cat scratches.

Submitted by Matt and Simone

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