Meankitty lifting one pawHi, I’m Meankitty, and I like to drive humans bonkers. How can a cat be online? The Typing Human, aka Jody Wallace, maintains the website for Meankitty, who sadly lacks thumbs.

More importantly, Meankitty has been online since 1999 or thereabouts. Srsly. The photos and stories have been sent to us from fans all over the world. This is the latest incarnation of our feline repository, in which Meankitty has graciously allowed the Typing Human and her author friends to ‘sponsor’ pages, aka add captions on some photos that relate to their genre fiction. They have promised to stick to the topic in the entry, sort of.

A note about comments from viewers. We screen. For various reasons, we’ve opted to keep the site something that approximates PG-13. Spam and vitriol will be deleted and quite possibly held up for public ridicule. But don’t let that stop the rest of you from commenting!

If you have something to say to Meankitty or the humans, check the CONTACT page! The human also has a newsletter where she often features cat photos and stories, though it’s not as PG-13 as this website.