Advice: Is it SOHC?

Dear Meankitty

I have a meankitty called Evie. Usually she’s an angel kitty, but in the middle of the night she turns into a meankitty when she insists on waking me up to play with her. I love my kitty, she’s a black Siamese mix, but she tends to act a bit like a nasty dog.

Why does Evie chase her tail and play fetch? I bring her over to my mother’s house each weekend when I go so that the three cats my mother owns will rub off on her, but she still insists on being a calm car kitty and playing with her tail like a nasty mutt. Is this simply her fulfilling the SOHC requirement of “one act per day her human does not understand?”

Evie lover


Dear Lover,

Yeah, that sums it up. But if you let on that you get it, she’ll start doing something really freaky, like swimming.